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Will storing a SLA battery on a concrete floor discharge it?

The concrete floor and SLA battery myth

SLA battery mythsThere is a common myth that concrete floors will lead to accelerated discharge of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries. Batteries will always discharge while being stored but that has nothing to do with the floor of the storage room.

Many years ago battery cases were made of wood and other pervious materials. During these times storing batteries on concrete floors would accelerate their discharge.


Modern battery cases however, are made of polypropylene or hard rubber. They are better sealed and prevent external leakage, which can cause accelerated discharge. This makes storing, charging and operating SLA batteries on concrete perfectly OK.

Before storing your battery, remember to:

    • Completely charge the battery
    • Store in a cool, dry place, protected from outside conditions
    • Monitor the specific gravity (flooded) or voltage during storage
    • Provide a boost charge when batteries show a 70% charge or less
    • Completely charge the battery before re-activating

To summarize – it is perfectly OK to store SLA batteries on concrete. So next time you wonder whether to leave your PS-1270 battery on such a floor you do not need to worry about accelerated discharging.

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