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When to Use SLA Batteries?

When to use SLA Batteries?Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries, which include the Absorbed Glass Mat and Gel types, are perfect for use in a variety of applications and are especially convenient when:

  • Regular maintenance is difficult
  • There is a need for the batteries to be installed in an unconventional position
  • Shipping is required
  • They need to operate in places where heavy hydrogen off-gassing may pose a hazard
  • Installing a acid spill containment system is not a practical option
  • They need to operate in cold temperatures
  • The application requires a high discharge rate, such as UPS units

Understanding the requirements of the application and the operating conditions is crucial for choosing the right type of battery. For more information on SLA batteries and especially on the difference between them and the conventional wet cell/flooded lead acid batteries, please read this blog post.



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