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UPS Battery Backups: Why are they essential?

SMT1500 UPS UnitThe importance of UPS battery backups cannot be emphasized enough. These devices protect your important, sensitive electronic equipment from fluctuations and unexpected cuts in power. The loss of power can cause data loss and permanent damage to your electronic hardware device. In addition, power surges that occur during thunderstorm can cause great harm to electronic devices.

A UPS battery backup protects against all kinds of power problems and ensures smooth supply of power. Whether you want to protect your electronic components from power surges, transient outages, or complete blackouts, a UPS battery backup will serve your cause. A UPS battery unit protects your computer server, database, and other important electrical equipment from all kinds of power problems.

UPS Battery Backup Units: How they Work?

UPS battery units contain a battery as well as power stabilizers. The amount of backup time you get from the UPS device depends on the size and model of the battery. The more powerful the battery the more backup time you get after power outage and blackouts. Depending on the type of battery used in the UPS battery unit, you can get around 6 – 30 minutes of backup time before the unit shuts down.

The stabilizer in the UPS provides protection against both high and low voltage as well. This ensures that your unit is always protected when connected with a UPS battery unit. Low voltage is extremely dangerous for your computer device. It can damage various internal components of your device such as motherboard and hard drive. Installing a UPS battery backup will protect your unit from extreme fluctuation in power.

High quality batteries are designed for deep cycle standby usage. Most of the UPS backup units use lead acid batteries as they last long and require minimum maintenance and care.

In the past, the cost of UPS backup units was high. It was only affordable by big corporations. However, now their prices have come down substantially. The price for UPS backups units starts from just a couple of hundred dollars that goes up according to functionality and power of the device. Investing in one is a wise choice for individuals and businesses alike.

On we offer replacement batteries for most UPS Backup Units such as the APC BACK-UPS ES BE750BB or the APC SMT SMT1500 and others.

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