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Understanding Different Types of ATV Batteries

One of the most hard to understand part of your ATV is probably the battery. There are various types of ATV batteries available in the market. Having knowledge about the different types of ATV batteries will help you in selecting the right one for your vehicle. Here you will learn about different types of ATV batteries. You will also find out about the best ATV batteries in terms of durability and performance.

Types of ATV Batteries Revealed

Although the market is flooded with different types of ATV batteries, yet they are all simple variants of two basic types of batteries. These include conventional ATV batteries pioneered by Honda and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries.

a.    Conventional ATV batteries

Adding distilled water to a Flooded Lead Acid BatteryConventional ATV batteries were introduced in early 1980 on Honda power sport vehicles. It has since become the most popular battery technology in ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and personal watercrafts. Moreover, conventional batteries have to be topped off with distilled water as dry plates easily become damaged.




b.    AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) ATV Batteries

AGM ATV batteries by SigmasTekAGM batteries also known as “absorbed glass mat” batteries are designed in such a way that electrolyte in the battery is absorbed into fiberglass pads. These fiberglass pads are placed between the battery plates. The innovative “spiral” cell batteries manufactured by Johnson Controls also incorporate AGM technology.

In AGM batteries, there is no loose or extra acid as is the case with conventional ATV batteries. AGM battery plates do not dry out with normal use and thus there is no requirement to add distilled water to the battery.

Which One is Best for Your ATV?

You should note that both the batteries come in different qualities. It depends on the manufacturer of the battery. That being said AGM batteries do provide better performance as compared to conventional ATV batteries. These batteries have much higher capacity than a conventional battery. In addition, they do not need to be topped up with distilled water.

AGM batteries also have higher power rating measured in amp-hour. These batteries can be installed at an angle if they are perfectly activated. The drawback of AGM batteries is that they cost more than conventional batteries. Also, these batteries are sensitive to how well they are initially activated.

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If you are interested in purchasing AGM type batteries for your ATV, please check out our selection of powersports batteries. There you can find quality replacements for the most popular brands and models such as the YTX12-BS, YTX14-BS and YTX14AH-BS battery by Yuasa.

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