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Tag Archives: ups batteries

Image of operational desktop computer

5 Household Devices You Can Backup during Power Failure with a Single UPS Unit!

  Desktop Computer and Monitor Has this ever happened to you? You are working on your computer and suddenly the power goes out. Your screen turns black, and you are sitting in the dark, wishing you had clicked Save more often, or recalling a time when you were on your laptop or tablet and the […]

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Dell UPS 500w

What Influences UPS Battery Life?

Batteries are known to have a limited service life. They tend to slow down and see a decline in their overall capacity right down to the level when their capacity falls down to 80% of what it should have been originally. After that, the batteries can have fairly sharp decline in their overall capacity. One […]

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The Difference between GEL and AGM Batteries [Infographic]

GEL vs AGM – Which type of battery should you choose? GEL and AGM batteries are both considered SLA- sealed lead acid batteries , also known as VRLA-valve regulated lead acid. They are Non Spillable, non-hazardaous, and Maintenance-Free and can be safely used in any position. They can also be transported without special handling. These […]

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apc sua750

How to replace the battery in Smart-UPS SUA models (SUA750, SUA1000, SUA1500) | Video

The video below shows how to replace the battery in your APC Smart UPS SUA models. Hope it is useful. Batteries for Smart-UPS SUA models We offer a some quality replacement batteries that you can use with your existing cables and hardware and power your APC Smart UPS SUA model. Check them out here: SUA750 […]

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Dell UPS 500w

How to replace the batteries in Dell UPS 500w? | Video

Dell UPS 500w UPS Batteries The batteries in your Dell UPS 500w device are dead and you don’t want to spend too much money on the original replacement cartridge? You don’t have to! It is very easy to replace the batteries in your cartridge and save yourself a very decent sum. Check out the video […]

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lightning bolt

High-Rate SLA Battery

High-Rate Discharge Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Lead-acid batteries,though invented over 140 years ago, are still very much in circulation due to their capacity to provide high surge currents and  affordability. Though they are heavier as compared to the batteries that have been invented and manufactured in the recent times, their efficacy particularly as starter batteries […]

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What does 20 HR mean?

20 HR on an SLA Battery? You may see “20HR” on your battery and wonder what does it mean. Simply said it means 20 Hour Rate. Usually SLA Batteries are rated at 20HR. A High Rate Battery on the other hand is generally rated at 10HR or less. Lets say a SLA battery is rated […]

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