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Tag Archives: SLA Batteries

Yamaha Vino 125

How to charge a Yamaha Vino 125 Battery? | Video

We hope this video will help you when you need to charge your Yamaha Vino 125 scooter. Enjoy the nice background music and have fun using your scooter! If charging won’t work for you you can order our Yamaha Vino 125 motorcycle battery.

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Razor E200 electric-scooter

How to replace my Razor E200 batteries | Video

Summer is drawing nearer and you might want to start buzzing around with your trusty Razor E200 Scooter. Check out this helpful video on how to replace your Razor E200 Batteries so you can have your fun. For replacement batteries you can order our Razor E200 Scooter Battery Set.

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Peg Perego John Deere

Changing the Battery on a Power Wheels or Peg Perego Toy Car | Video

You bought a Power Wheels or Peg Perego toy car for your kid’s birthday? That’s great – you are a good parent. But now some time has passed and the toy needs a new battery. The original Power Wheels or Peg Perego batteries can be very expensive. If you would like to save a considerable […]

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LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

How to Replace Your Garage Door Battery? | Video

LiftMaster or Linear Garage Door Battery replacement If you have a LiftMaster or Linear Garage door opener and you need to replace your battery then this short and informative video tutorial on replacing your garage door battery might be very useful to you. A popular choice when replacing a garage door battery is our 12 […]

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Sulfated Plates

What is sulfation and how to prevent it?

Sulfation occurs when lead acid batteries do not receive a full charge. Visualize your car battery caught in traffic in a large city. You spend time idling, while having your heater/defroster, MP3 player delivering your favorite songs, and low speed (and revs), while the alternator unsuccessfully tries to charge your battery. Electric wheelchairs often suffer […]

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Harley Davidson motorcycle

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Seat Removal & Battery Check | Video

Making sure that the battery in your Harley Davidson motorcycle is still good before going on the road is vital. Check out this video demonstrating how to remove the seat on your Harley and how to check your battery. If your battery needs replacement you can check our Harley Davidson motorcycle batteries!

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Motorcycle batteries

How to replace a motorcycle battery? | Video

Learn how to change your motorcycle battery from this helpful video: So now you know how to replace your motorcycle battery? Head on over to our Motorcycle Batteries section and find the right replacement battery for your motorcycle.

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VRLA Batteries can be used to power the Prida Jazzy Wheelchair

Batteries for Electric Wheelchairs

Selecting the correct battery for your wheelchair is of critical importance if you do not want to suffer the inconvenience of being suddenly stranded. The batteries for wheelchair should provide longer and constant power supply and have enough power to be able to carry the wheelchair even on uneven surfaces. Deep-cycle sealed lead-acid batteries are […]

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Harley Davidson motorcycle

SLA Batteries for Motorcycles

Maintenance free VRLA batteries for Motorcycles VRLA batteries are used in most of the motorcycles nowadays to power the bikes. They have become very popular as the contents of the battery don’t spill and there is no problem with respect to its stability. These SLA batteries consist of  lead plates dipped in a mixture of […]

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lightning bolt

High-Rate SLA Battery

High-Rate Discharge Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Lead-acid batteries,though invented over 140 years ago, are still very much in circulation due to their capacity to provide high surge currents and  affordability. Though they are heavier as compared to the batteries that have been invented and manufactured in the recent times, their efficacy particularly as starter batteries […]

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