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Digital Multimeter

How do I know my battery is going bad?

Your average battery seldom reaches its life expectancy. In fact only about 30% of the batteries sold today reach the 48th month mark. This is often due to poor maintenance and use. Think of SLA batteries as a children’s piggy bank – if all you do is take money out, without putting any in, chances […]

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7% off your motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile battery order

Coupon Code for 7% off your motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile battery order!

Enjoy your ride and save 7% of your order! There are many reasons to get out there and hit the rode with your motorcycle or the hills with your ATV or Snowmobile. It’s fun, it’s thrilling and it makes you feel free! For all the adventure loving BatterySharks customers we offer a 7% off discount […]

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Harley Davidson motorcycle

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Seat Removal & Battery Check | Video

Making sure that the battery in your Harley Davidson motorcycle is still good before going on the road is vital. Check out this video demonstrating how to remove the seat on your Harley and how to check your battery. If your battery needs replacement you can check our Harley Davidson motorcycle batteries!

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Motorcycle batteries

How to replace a motorcycle battery? | Video

Learn how to change your motorcycle battery from this helpful video: So now you know how to replace your motorcycle battery? Head on over to our Motorcycle Batteries section and find the right replacement battery for your motorcycle.

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Harley Davidson motorcycle

SLA Batteries for Motorcycles

Maintenance free VRLA batteries for Motorcycles VRLA batteries are used in most of the motorcycles nowadays to power the bikes. They have become very popular as the contents of the battery don’t spill and there is no problem with respect to its stability. These SLA batteries consist of  lead plates dipped in a mixture of […]

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12 volt 12 amp Motorcycle Battery

Taking care of Maintenance Free Motorcycle Batteries

At we offer a wide range of high quality Replacement Motorcycle Batteries. All our motorcycle batteries are maintenance free and leak-proof. They use sealed AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology and are fully charged and ready to install. The term “maintenance-free” means that the battery does not need refilling of water or electrolytes in order […]

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