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Tag Archives: Motorcycle Batteries

ATV drawing

Tips for ATV Tune Up

With the winter becoming a distant memory, your snowmobile will follow suit. With the departure of winter, people usually pack their snow mobiles away. The fun time when you got to pull over the powder is now over. Don’t be hard done by it though, since it’s time to bring out the ATVs! The ATV […]

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Motorcycle batteries

What Do Motorcycle Battery Model Names Stand For?

With this post we are going to try to help you make sense of the letters, numbers, and the dashes that can be found in the model names of motorcycle batteries. We promise, once you read through, you will never be confused about these battery models again. YTX12-BS The model name seems quite powerful, doesn’t […]

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motorcycle battery installation

Various Types of Motorcycle Batteries Revealed

When it is time to ride, you do not want your motorcycle battery to hold you back. Motorcycle batteries have undergone many improvements over the years. Today there are different kinds of motorcycle batteries available in the market. You need to understand the difference between them to make it easy for you to determine which […]

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dead battery

5 Causes of Dead Motorcycle Batteries

Do you know what reduces the life of your motorcycle batteries? No? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Many people do not know how to keep their motorcycle batteries in top condition. Motorcycle batteries need proper care and maintenance if they are to last for long. Let’s take a look at some of […]

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5 Essential Tips to Winter Proof Your Motorbike

5 Essential Tips to Winter Proof Your Motorbike

Riding through the winter can be bad for your bike. All the rain, snow, and mud can spell a death knell for your bike. It’s better that you hang your helmet and park your bike at home during the winter months. But before you park your bike for hibernation, there are certain precautions that you […]

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Yamaha Motorcycle Battery

Is my power sports battery GEL or AGM?

Most sealed lead acid batteries, designed for power sports applications such as motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles or personal watercrafts, are of the AGM type. Gell cell SLA batteries are rarely used. Actually the major motorcycle battery manufacturers like Yuasa, Scorpion and Power Max do not produce power sports sized Gel batteries. The reason behind this is […]

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Starting motorcycle in winter

Starting your motorcycle during winter may harm your battery

Your motorcycle during winter Winter is the season when generally the weather conditions are far from perfect and you rarely see motorcycles on the road. Even if there is no snow, it is cold and the conditions are not the safest. This is the season when your favorite bike sits in your garage and waits […]

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cold cranking amps CCA are important for starter batteries

What are Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)?

Cold Cranking Amps are a unit of measurement commonly used to compare different types of SLA battery. This unit refers to the amount of current batteries will provide when at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The current must be held for half a minute and the charge delivered must be at least 1.2 volts for each cell. […]

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Yamaha Vino 125

How to charge a Yamaha Vino 125 Battery? | Video

We hope this video will help you when you need to charge your Yamaha Vino 125 scooter. Enjoy the nice background music and have fun using your scooter! If charging won’t work for you you can order our Yamaha Vino 125 motorcycle battery.

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harley softail

Inspecting and Charging a Lead Acid Motorcycle Battery | Video

Check out this very informative and useful video on now to inspect and charge a maintenance free SLA motorcycle battery. The presenter does a great job explaining the process and pinpointing some very important details. After watching it you may want to head over to our motorcycle battery section and browse through our replacement batteries […]

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