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Tag Archives: F.A.Q.

Primary and Secondary Batteries

What is the difference between Primary and Secondary batteries?

All batteries can be classified into two groups – Primary and Secondary. Primary batteries are not rechargeable. They irreversibly transform chemical energy into electrical energy. Secondary batteries are rechargeable. When supplied with electric current they are able to transform the electrical energy back to chemical energy.   Primary batteries cost less and are commonly found […]

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What are BCI group numbers

What are BCI Group Numbers?

The Battery Council International (BCI) is the primary trade association of OEM and after market battery manufacturers. Headquartered in Chicago, BCI represents manufacturers of auto batteries and other lead-acid batteries. BCI Along with serving as the primary ‘voice’ of battery manufacturers, BCI is also a vocal supporter of lead-acid battery recycling. Although some groups have […]

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Deep Cycle batteries vs SLI batteries

Starting batteries vs Deep Cycle batteries

Whether you need a deep cycle or starting (SLI) battery depends largely on your personal needs. Deep cycle batteries are able to provide sustained power over extended periods of time and are designed to be repeatedly discharged and recharged. Starting batteries, also known as SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) batteries must be able to deliver a […]

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12 volt 9 ah battery

Why we list 7.5ah as a replacement for 9ah batteries?

This is a very common question that we receive. A lot of our customers wonder why we often offer two replacement versions of one and the same model of batteries. For example we offer a BP8-12 replacement battery in two versions – 7.5 AH and 9 AH. We do the same for Leoch Battery LP12-9, Ritar […]

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Battery life

How to prolong SLA battery life

Over time, your battery may begin holding less of a charge. SLA batteries can be restored and have their lives extended in multiple ways. It’s always a good idea to increase the life of an SLA battery, not only to save money but also for environmental reasons.   Try Charging Multiple Times You may not […]

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12 volt 10 ah SLA Battery

Battery Terminology

We are used to thinking of a battery as a very simple thing. It is basically a device that converts chemical energy to electrical energy and vice versa. But understanding all the battery terminology can be challenging. Below you can find a summary, aiming to introduce you to important battery terminology. Ampere Hours An ampere […]

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How to use BatterySharks coupon codes?

At you can often find various coupon codes offering discounts and promotions. They can save you a considerable amount of your order and are very easy to obtain and use. Where to find BatterySharks Coupon Codes? To find about current coupon codes and other promotions you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or […]

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Terminals on a SLA Battery

What is the difference between F1 and F2 Terminals?

F1 and F2 battery terminals The F1 and F2 are a type of connector that is located on the top of an SLA battery. F1 terminals are .187 inch wide and F2 terminals are .250 inch wide.  The contact towards the end narrows for both battery terminals. Most emergency light applications use a F1 terminal […]

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What does 20 HR mean?

20 HR on an SLA Battery? You may see “20HR” on your battery and wonder what does it mean. Simply said it means 20 Hour Rate. Usually SLA Batteries are rated at 20HR. A High Rate Battery on the other hand is generally rated at 10HR or less. Lets say a SLA battery is rated […]

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