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EASTER5 Coupon code

BatterySharks Coupon code for Easter!

Coupon code for Easter You can enjoy a nice 5% discount on all orders with a coupon code EASTER5! The coupon code can be used when you order batteries from all categories and is valid for all orders placed by 21st of April. Happy Easter and enjoy your discount on all our batteries!

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How to use BatterySharks coupon codes?

At you can often find various coupon codes offering discounts and promotions. They can save you a considerable amount of your order and are very easy to obtain and use. Where to find BatterySharks Coupon Codes? To find about current coupon codes and other promotions you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or […]

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7% off your motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile battery order

Coupon Code for 7% off your motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile battery order!

Enjoy your ride and save 7% of your order! There are many reasons to get out there and hit the rode with your motorcycle or the hills with your ATV or Snowmobile. It’s fun, it’s thrilling and it makes you feel free! For all the adventure loving BatterySharks customers we offer a 7% off discount […]

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Alessandro Volta - The inventor of the battery

It’s National Battery Day!

It is the 18th of February. It is a little known fact that today is also the National Battery Day. It is a day on which we appreciate this incredible invention – the battery. In 1745, on the 18th of February, an Italian physicist and pioneer Alessandro Volta was born. In the 1800 he invented the […]

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BatterySharks President's day Coupon Code

Happy President’s Day!

Happy President’s Day! It is the third Monday of February! Today we honor all presidents of the United States, including George Washington, the USA’s first president. The day is also known as Washington’s Birthday. This can be a little misleading as Washington’s actual birthday is on the February 22, 1732. Nevertheless, let us remember the […]

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