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Tag Archives: ATV Batteries

ATV drawing

Tips for ATV Tune Up

With the winter becoming a distant memory, your snowmobile will follow suit. With the departure of winter, people usually pack their snow mobiles away. The fun time when you got to pull over the powder is now over. Don’t be hard done by it though, since it’s time to bring out the ATVs! The ATV […]

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ATV drawing

Understanding Different Types of ATV Batteries

One of the most hard to understand part of your ATV is probably the battery. There are various types of ATV batteries available in the market. Having knowledge about the different types of ATV batteries will help you in selecting the right one for your vehicle. Here you will learn about different types of ATV […]

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ATV - all terrain vehicle

Lead Acid Batteries In ATVs

Vehicle Lead Acid Batteries: An Overview Gaston Plante, in 1859, created a lead acid prototype that finally evolved into present day lead acid batteries. They are the oldest type of rechargeable batteries and can power up various items and devices in an economical manner. These rechargeable batteries can power up many vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, […]

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Enjoy your ride and save 7% of your order! There are many reasons to get out there and hit the rode with your motorcycle or the hills with your ATV or Snowmobile. It’s fun, it’s thrilling and it makes you feel free! For all the adventure loving BatterySharks customers we offer a 7% off discount […]

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