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Starting your motorcycle during winter may harm your battery

Your motorcycle during winter

Starting motorcycle in winterWinter is the season when generally the weather conditions are far from perfect and you rarely see motorcycles on the road. Even if there is no snow, it is cold and the conditions are not the safest. This is the season when your favorite bike sits in your garage and waits for better times. You may want to occasionally start it but this is not always a good idea.



Good for the engine | Bad for the battery

Although starting your motorcycle every few weeks may be good for the bike’s engine and mechanics, it could possibly be bad for your battery. The reason being that it takes energy to start the motorcycle but its charging system needs some time and high rpm in order to replenish it. This depletes the battery and can cause it to have a shorter life. Check this guide for more advice.To manage the problem you will need to either get a good quality maintenance charger, rev your bike for approximately 15 minutes after starting it or go for a short ride, which may not be very comfortable due to the low winter temperatures, not to mention it is not safe to ride in bad weather. advises you to keep this information in mind so you can prevent problems with your motorcycle battery.

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