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Starting batteries vs Deep Cycle batteries

Whether you need a deep cycle or starting (SLI) battery depends largely on your personal needs. Deep cycle batteries are able to provide sustained power over extended periods of time and are designed to be repeatedly discharged and recharged. Starting batteries, also known as SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) batteries must be able to deliver a large amount of power over a short period of time.

Deep Cycle Batteries: Characteristics and Uses

Deep cycle batteries are constructed with thicker lead plates and a denser paste of active material to withstand discharge and recharge cycles. Deep cycle batteries are the batteries you would use to power a large amount of devices, such as when you are powering a camper, electric car or other item that needs to continuously draw power. They are often seen in golf carts, electric wheelchairs, boats, pallet movers, scooters and utility vehicles and are ideal for solar and industrial applications as well.

You’ll usually need a deep cycle battery if you’re trying to power a lot of appliances together or if you’re trying to power a single one for a sustained amount of time.

Starting Batteries: Characteristics and Uses

Starting batteries are the batteries that people most often think of when they are thinking about a car battery. They could also be called “shallow cycle” in contrast to deep cycle batteries. They have thinner lead plates and porous active material. They provide a high burst of power over a short time – just long enough to start your motorcycle for example. Only about 5% of the battery’s power is used and it is gradually restored by the vehicle’s alternator so the battery is not used for longer than it is designed for.

Starting batteries should not be used for the same purpose as deep cycle batteries. In fact, powering devices with a starting battery (when a deep cycle battery should be used) is often what causes premature battery failure.

If you’re still confused as to whether you need a deep cycle battery or a starting (SLI) battery, call our Friendly Customer Service representatives at +1 (800) 657 1303 or email us today! We can help you understand the differences between these battery types and which battery is right for your application.

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