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Snowmobile Batteries FAQ

In this post for snowmobile batteries we are going to answer few common questions that every snowmobile owner has asked himself.

1. What voltage are snowmobile batteries?
– The voltage of the snowmobile batteries is 12 Volts and its nominal voltage is 12.8Volts. Please note that if the voltmeter shows voltage below 12.3V you need to charge it immediately since it won’t start your snowmobile. However, if it doesn’t charge up more than 12.3V then it is time to replace your snowmobile battery. You can take a look at our selection from here.

Snowmobile Battery Maintenance2. How long do snowmobiles batteries last?
– There is a difference between Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and Conventional batteries. Usually, SLA batteries last 3-5 years whereas conventional ones last 2 to 3 years. Of course, this also depends on the maintenance of the battery. If you are only going to maintain it during the winter riding season it will probably last no more than 1-2 years. This leads to the next question…

3. How should I charge my snowmobile battery?
– Since snowmobile batteries are season specific the best option to charge and maintain your battery throughout the year is with a trickle charge with either the 12 Volt 750mAH Tender ot the 12 Volt 1250mAh Tender.

snowmobiles4. How do I know that my battery is dead and must be replaced?
– First, if the battery won’t start the sled engine then you have to remove the jumper cable from the battery. When doing so you need to remove the jumper cable from the negative terminal first and then the positive one. Hook your battery to the battery tender/charger and top charge it for about 8 hours. When you have fully charged the battery make sure to check the volt with a voltmeter and if the voltage is below 12.3V then you have replace you battery. You can also perform a load test at a local automotive store where a load tester will be available.


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