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Smart – UPS 1500 (SUA1500) Guide for easily Battery Replacement.


Every APC Uninterruptable – Power – Supply Application is designed for fast and easy battery replacement in a just few minutes time. If you have this APC model or other that contains Replacement Battery Cartridge – 7 (RBC7) this guide will help you change the batteries inside the unit.

The installation of the replacement batteries requires no technical or mechanical background. The only thing you should do is to follow this APC Battery replacement guide.

Smarts – UPS 1500 (SUA1500) Battery replacement guide

Before the replacement process you have to decide what type of battery to buy. You have two main choices –

  1. To buy ready to use Replacement Battery cartridge – 7 (2 batteries connected with a wire harness and a fuse)
  2. To buy (the cheaper choice) two replacements Sealed – Lead – Acid batteries – 12V 18AH with NB terminal. In this case you have to use the old wire harness and the fuse of the cartridge inside your UPS.

To start the installation, you must remove the old RBC7 battery from the unit by gaining access to the battery compartment. To be able to do this, you must first remove the faceplate from the front side of the unit. The face plate will house most of the function buttons for the unit coupled with it’s indicator lights. There are several small pressure clips that hold the faceplate to the unit, a good tug or two on the top of the face plate should separate it from your unit! Once the faceplate has been removed, you will see the metal latch that seals the units battery compartment. If you look at the latch closely, you will see two small metal screws at either end located at the top of the latch. Remove them with a Phillips head screw driver. When these screws are removed, you have to to pull the latch down and see the old RBC7 batteries.

To remove the battery, you must first slide the battery out and remove the grey clip which connects the battery to the unit. Once you have separated both clips, it’s now time to remove the battery the remainder of the wayfrom the unit. Installing your fresh RBC7 battery is actually considered easier than removing your spent one. You must first slide the battery far enough into the unit to attach the grey clip to the Smart-UPS 1500 unit. Once the clip is connected, simply slide the battery the rest of the way into the unit and secure the metal latch via both screws we took out earlier. The final step in the installation process is to attach the plastic faceplate back on the unit, this concludes the SUA1500 battery installation!

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