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SLA Batteries for Motorcycles

Maintenance free VRLA batteries for Motorcycles

Harley Davidson motorcycleVRLA batteries are used in most of the motorcycles nowadays to power the bikes. They have become very popular as the contents of the battery don’t spill and there is no problem with respect to its stability.

These SLA batteries consist of  lead plates dipped in a mixture of sulfuric acid and silica. The battery produces power when the lead plates get reduced and turns into lead sulfur dioxide thereby increasing the pH value of the electrolyte. With constant use, the lead plates are consumed but when the battery is charged the reverse of this whole reaction takes place which restores the battery to its original state making it ready for use again.

Advantages of sealed lead acid batteries

SLA batteries have unique advantages which makes them perfect for certain equipments. Some of these advantages are:

  • Very low cost and easy to fabricate.
  • There is no need for filling up of electrolyte, hence the name Maintenance-free
  • High energy-to-weight ratio
  • It is long-lasting and dependable when used responsibly
  • Capable of high discharge rates

Disadvantages of sealed lead acid batteries

 As it is with most of the other batteries, these too have some disadvantages. Some them are:

  • Storing them for a long period of time without charge is not advised.
  • Sulfation may occur when the battery has not been discharged for a long time or is old
  • The contents of the battery are highly polluting substances.
  • Can be heavier that other type of batteries

The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages as new improved versions of these batteries have been launched which makes them a popular choice for many. If maintained and disposed properly the SLA batteries are an excellent choice for your motorcycle.

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