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Pros and Cons of Purchasing on Marketplaces

Where to buy from – Website direct or through a Marketplace?


To clarify, a marketplace is an e-commerce website, e.g Amazon, where single or multiple sellers can provide services/products information, but the transactions are still processed by the marketplace – not the seller. A place such as Amazon is an e-commerce site that provides multiple seller product listing contributions and is a way to streamline a product or a production process.

Over the last few years, as we’ve grown, we have been receiving quite often one and the same question “Should I buy from you or from a marketplace?” or in other words Is there a difference if you buy directly or from a marketplace? There is no correct answer since every marketplace has its own specifics.

The world of e-commerce has evolved rapidly and so did we. It doesn’t really matter anymore if you are buying shoes, leggings, shirts, cars or batteries. A marketplace brings all of this and much more to you simply with one click. We encourage you to buy from wherever you feel more comfortable. If that means you will buy through Amazon, eBay or elsewhere we don’t mind you do that! Below we will list some pros and cons of purchasing through marketplaces.

Benefits for the buyer when purchasing through a marketplace:Pros and Cons of Purchasing on marketplaces

  • Updated information on price and availability makes it easier to secure the best deal.
  • Marketplaces offer buyers an easy way to compare prices and products from single or multiple sellers. Therefore, saves time rather than contacting each seller individually.
  • Established marketplaces boost confidence in buyers when encouraging him/her to place an order.
  • Marketplaces provide greater transparency in the purchasing process including transparency in availability, stock, and price.

Above are just some of the main benefits for purchasing through a marketplace. You can find some drawbacks listed here:

  • Marketplaces do not boost customer loyalty.
  • Marketplaces do not provide sellers with sufficient information.
  • The shop published in a marketplace is not our own.
  • Small business will sell more but it will be pricey.


To elaborate further on the above points, marketplaces do not boost customer loyalty – for example, an Amazon customer is not our own. On the other hand, if you are a registered customer you will at all times get up-to-date information on a product you subscribed for – whether it will be for stock or price adjustment. A related drawback is that sellers are not granted sufficient information or automation tools to provide you with information on a product you are interested in. For instance, if we lower the sale price on a product you will purchase and you are not “watching” the listing, or you are not a subscriber to our shop you will not be notified of the price adjustment. Consequently, you won’t return to our product and buy it. Additionally, the published shop and the products information contained in it is hosted by the marketplace and in most cases designed to fit the marketplace. In details, it means that we use the tools that were provided before handed. Prior to opening an account with a marketplace, we have the opportunity to list products under the marketplace categories and in very rare cases we can create our own categories in our shop. That is a great drawback for buyers since the navigation you saw on Amazon, eBay or another marketplace will not be the same as on our website. Subsequently, this may confuse the customer and the navigation can seem more complicated which is not true. At first glance, a marketplace puts at your disposal the ideal place to sell your products, have much more traffic and ready-to-buy customers. However, it does it in exchange for your customer base and strategic information about your business, goals, ROI targets, etc.


In conclusion, we can say that marketplaces have many pros and cons that apply to both the buyer and the seller. Should you decide that you would go for purchase through a marketplace because you feel it is more secure – go ahead! A trusted, top-rated marketplace seller has a secure website, too. Sellers like us – display our reviews regardless of positive or negative to show our customers that we aren’t perfect but we do our best to correct our mistakes and gain confidence as well as boost loyalty.



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