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Lead Acid Batteries In ATVs

Vehicle Lead Acid Batteries: An Overview

Gaston Plante - the inventor of the lead acid batteryGaston Plante, in 1859, created a lead acid prototype that finally evolved into present day lead acid batteries. They are the oldest type of rechargeable batteries and can power up various items and devices in an economical manner. These rechargeable batteries can power up many vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, personal watercrafts, Jet skis, and even snowmobiles.


Despite their huge applications, many people are in the dark about lead acid batteries. Knowing the basics about them can ensure optimal performance of the lead acid batteries with improved longevity and reliability of the rechargeable batteries. Here we will shed light on the basics of lead acid batteries in ATVs. We will also tell you how you can ensure proper maintenance of the rechargeable batteries to make sure they last for a long time.

Connection between the ATV’s Charging System and the Battery

The first thing that you need to know about lead acid batteries is the connection between the charging system and lead acid batteries. Many consumers do not know the relationship between the battery and charging system. In fact, this concept even confuses some tech savvy expert technicians.

Arctic cat atvThe charging system is responsible to charge the battery in addition to supporting all of the frequent long-term (high duty-cycle) electrical loads. Example of such electrical loads in an ATV includes headlights, cooling fans, and other accessories such as sprayers that draw on a lot of power. The ATV’s lead acid battery cannot support all of these high duty cycle electrical loads on its own because the energy storage capacity that is measured in Amp-Hours is actually very low. It is actually used to power low duty cycle electrical loads. The battery of the ATV provides a lot of “juice” for a short duration and is not suitable for frequent long-term electrical loads

You may be wondering why not use a battery with high storage capacity. The reason for not using high Amp-Hours batteries is that it can inflate the cost, which an average consumer cannot afford for his vehicle. Therefore, in order to make it affordable for the consumers, most ATVs contain low storage capacity batteries. Even if you use a high capacity battery in the ATV, it will quickly become dead as the charging system cannot support such high Amp batteries.

Ensure Proper Charging Of ATV Batteries

The lead acid battery can be viewed as a tank of gas that needs to be fully filled to ensure that the ATV is in running condition. The ATV charging system performs this operation by charging the battery on a daily basis. However, there are times when the battery needs to be charged manually by the vehicle owner. You have to use a tender or a battery maintainer when you park your ATV and leave it on until the battery is fully charged.

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