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How to Replace an Alarm System Battery

Replacing an Alarm Battery – A simple guide

GS Portalac PX12072 F2 Alarm BatteryReplacing your alarm system battery in time is very important. After all you need to have a working alarm if you want you and your family to be safe at home. Just imagine how you would feel if you got robbed because you forgot to change the alarm system’s battery.

Of course you can call a technician, but that can be expensive. If you decide to do it yourself, please don’t forget to read the instructions.


When to replace the Alarm System Battery?

Generally you will know that the battery of the alarm system is nearing the end of its life as it will give audible warnings and show a dead battery indicator on the display as well.

How to choose the Right Battery for my Alarm System?

It is very important to buy a replacement security alarm battery that has the same specifications as the one already powering the system. It is a good idea to check the user manual or wiring diagram. You need to consider the voltage, dimensions and amp/hour rating. You typically can find this information on the front of the battery. The amp hour rating does not necessarily need to be the same as the one of the old battery, but it should be in the same vicinity. The amp hour rating represents the capacity of the battery and a higher rating will help you run your alarm system for longer during power outages.

How to replace the battery of your Alarm System

Step 1: Read the instructions

Some people avoid reading instructions, but we advise you not to be like them. Reading the instructions is very important and spending a few minutes of researching the task beforehand will generally save you time and nerves. So please, locate the user manual and look for wiring instructions.

Step Two: Deactivating the alarm

Triggering the alarm would be embarrassing. Make sure you deactivate it before proceeding to install the alarm battery. To do so you will need to enter a code, which should be provided by the person who installed your system.

Step Three: Out with the Old – In with the New

For safety reasons you should unplug the alarm system and disconnect the dead battery. Do not touch the circuit board or the panel. The wiring is color coded so removing the old and installing the new alarm battery should not be hard. Now it’s time to plug the power supply into the main panel. The alarm will start making noises until you enter your code. It is a good idea to call your alarm service to clear the test with them.

If you are more of a visual learner this video might be of help to you.

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