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How to Maintain a Golf Cart Battery – Maintenance Tips

Golf Cart BatteryMost golf carts use 4 – 8 batteries. Usually,  they are stored under the front seat. Every battery must be refilled with water and thoroughly cleaned once in a while. Create a timetable so you make sure to examine and deal with your batteries every month. Performing regular maintenance and you won’t ever need to stress over going through hard  times with your golf cart.

I. Refilling Batteries with Water

Before doing anything on the battery it is of extreme importance to put on protective gloves and glasses. Despite the fact that you likely won’t come into contact with sulfuric acid, avoiding potential risk is dependably a smart thought.

  • It is recommended you wear not just protective glasses but long-sleeved clothing as well. Don’t forget your gloves!
  • Additionally, make sure to remove all jewelry. In case you are not aware the acid can destroy your jewels as well as the metal can spoil the battery. Chemical-resistant gloves can be purchased at any home improvement store.

II. Opening the vent caps

Golf Cart Vent CapsFirst, open the cent caps on the battery(ies). Before proceeding any further, you must ensure the golf cart isn’t only turned off but unplugged, too, prior to contacting the golf cart battery set. Second, open the compartment under the driver’s seat where the golf cart batteries are stored. At the very top of the battery you will notice plastic caps that can be removed by hand.

Should the caps have acid on them put the safely on the ground and never leave them on metal surfaces.

III. Checking the electrolyte level in the battery

When you open the top caps you can see inside the battery. You will be able to see all of the plates that allow each battery to function. Should the fluid level is not above the plates, you have to adjust it prior to charging your golf cart. If your battery has several compartments you must ensure each one has adequate water level.

Nevertheless, should your golf cart run on gas you will not see any fluid and you do not need to add any water.

IV. Partially filling your golf cart battery with water

Utilizing a funnel or battery refilling framework is useful here to abstain from making a mess. Fill every battery cautiously until the water is just over the plates. It is recommended you do not fill the whole battery yet.

Distilled water has no additional minerals therefore is the best choice available. Nevertheless, if you do not want to use distilled water you can proceed with tap water since it is still better than no water.

V. How to charge your Golf Cart

golf-cart-front-bsblogFirstly, you have to plug the cart into a battery charger. Subsequently, you have to make sure the truck will remain still for as long as the batteries need to fully charge. The time necessary to fully charge all of the batteries may be up to 12 hours in case they were all fully discharged.Secondly, when charging the batteries make sure you stay close to avoid overcharging them. When there is a danger of overcharging an automatic charger will be handy since it will turn off when the batteries are top-charged.

You can purchase a new golf cart battery charger online.

VI. Open the vent caps again and add more water

Prior to opening the caps make sure you wear your protective eye wear and gloves just in case acid is left on the battery. Don’t fill the battery completely or you will end up with an acid spill in your golf cart. Once you open the caps start pouring the (distilled) water slowly and stop at about 1/8″ beneath the rim.

If your are in doubt how much more water you should add stop pouring it in. For so long as the plates are submerged they are protected.

VII. Replace and tighten the vent caps.

Set the top back on every battery after you are done with them. Ensure the top vent cap is tight so it doesn’t fall off while you’re driving. Push down on it until it snaps.

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