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How to Charge Your Motorcycle Battery Properly?

YamahMotorcycle Battery properly charging is essential for the long life of your battery. Following the best charging practices is essential for the longevity of your motorcycle battery.
There are a lot of different types of Motorcycle Batteries on the market but the main reason of premature battery death is common. Leaving the Motorcycle Battery in discharged state! For sure the battery is not the most expensive part in your motorcycle. However, properly maintained motorcycle battery will save you some money and road problems.

How to charge your Motorcycle Battery properly

To use a car battery charger for Motorcycle battery charging is never a good idea even for a short period of time. Car battery chargers will damage it beyond repair because they supply far more current than your motorcycle battery can cope with.
The process of charging is best done when the battery is removed from the motorbike. Also, it always worth the time to clean your battery. You should give particular attention to the terminals.
Motorcycle battery charging should be done in a well-ventilated place because during the process of charging explosive gases can be released from the battery. When connecting the battery and the charger make sure that the charger is turned off to reduce the chance of any sparks. The motorcycle battery and the charger should be connected only positive-to-positive and negative-to-negative. Best practice is to read the battery manufacturer recommendations before charging.
Bear in mind that hot battery can explode so be careful with the temperature of your battery. If the battery does become hot disconnect the charger and let the battery cool down before recharging.
Best practice is to use a voltmeter to test if the battery is fully charged. Overcharging is dangerous for the motorcycle battery life because it can cause swelling of the battery.

Types Of Motorcycle Battery Chargers

There are many types of battery chargers available. As we mentioned at the beginning only motorcycle battery chargers should be used for motorcycle batteries. Make sure that your charger is specially made to charge batteries that are with voltage and amperage as yours.

    • Trickle chargers charge the battery continually at a fixed rate. The problem with Trickle chargers is that they don’t have a function for alerting when a battery is fully charged.


    • Taper chargers decrease the amount of current delivered when the voltage rises. As with trickle chargers, they don’t have a function for alerting when a battery is fully charged.


  • Pulse or intelligent chargers have the functionality to stop charging the motorcycle battery when the charge is enough.

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