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High-Rate SLA Battery

High-Rate Discharge Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

lightning boltLead-acid batteries,though invented over 140 years ago, are still very much in circulation due to their capacity to provide high surge currents and  affordability. Though they are heavier as compared to the batteries that have been invented and manufactured in the recent times, their efficacy particularly as starter batteries still remains unrivaled given the price range. They also serve as excellent UPS batteries.

Starter batteries as we know them are actually high-rate discharge batteries. As is evident through their name, these batteries release a greater amount of energy that is required to start all their application. There is a maximization of immediate power converted into very high currents.


Advantages of High-Rate Discharge Batteries

Some of the features of high-discharge sealed lead acid batteries are:

  • They are constructed with lead plates that are thin and enable a quick as well as heavy discharge of energy in a short period of time
  • They must not be used for deep discharge cycles, since the thin lead plates disintegrate quickly
  • These batteries maintain a reasonable level of voltage
  • They are sometimes used as stabilizers in electric circuits
  • There is an immediate sip in the energy supply after the initial energy surge known as the ‘whipcrack’ in the industry and is common to all sealed lead-acid batteries with high-rate discharge
  • Used in cars, motors, boats, UPS, etc.

In conclusion if your application requires a higher rate of amps over a shorter time period then High-Rate Discharge batteries are ideal for you.


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