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Factory Activated Battery and What it means

If you’re buying a replacement battery, you probably encountered the mentioning of “factory activated” that provoked questions. What does it mean once activated and will it have any positive or negative consequences if you buy it that way? Read carefully as we are about to answer this question.

13335imagesIn short, factory activated batteries use the exact same technology as the AGM  but with a slight difference – it is activated at the time of manufacturing.

When you see the term “factory activated“, it usually means the battery is Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), which became popular in the 80’s. The AGM battery is still preferred due to the weight which made it enticing for all types of vehicles and/or tools where weight is considered to be of great important.

We must note the fact that it is very convenient since all you have to do is simply put the battery in your ATV, UTV, Motorcycle, etc. and start it. Manufacturers even state that there’s no need to charge it as it comes fully charged. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own a charger or a trickle charger for the winter.

Our factory activated batteries have the following characteristics:

  • Maintenance-Free Design
  • Spillproof and Leakproof Design
  • U.L. Recognized and CE Certified
  • Absorbed Glass Mat Design
  • Valve Regulated Vent System
  • Extreme Freeze, Heat and Vibration Resistance
  • Superior Starting Power and Deep Cycle Capacity
  • Brand New, Factory Fresh


You can take a look at our extensive Factory Activated Powersport Battery Table here. All our batteries are sealed and maintenance-free for your convenience! They arrive already fully charged and ready to go!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service representatives via live chat, phone, email or fax.

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