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Electric Bicycles – The smart choice

American motorcyclist have been slow to accept electric bikes. The most likely reason is that they are yet to catch up to the range and power of their gas guzzling cousins. In Europe, however, electric bicycles are making big strides. There gas prices are high and vehicle taxes are even higher. These factors make owning a motorcycle quite an expensive thing and make buying an electric bike an easier option. Also the technology is rapidly evolving – some models can go 30 miles on a single charge, have top speed of 50 mph and are very light.

M55 Terminus Electric Bike

M55 Terminus Electric Bike

The high end e-bicycle M-55 Terminus costs about $35,000, but many less exotic and more affordable models go for even less than $500! (X-Treme XB-300, X-Treme XB-305-SLA)

The increasing numbers of manufacturers who are joining the e-bicycle market can only help its development, making the bicycles cheaper and of higher quality.




If you are interested in ordering such a vehicle, please take a look at our selection of Electric Bicycles by the X-Treme brand!

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