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Category Archives: Video Tutorials

Video tutorials


ESR750EX Hoverboard Battery Replacement Tutorial | Video

Replacing the batteries in your ESR750EX Hoverboard is easy. Just follow the steps described in the video below.

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Charging SLA Battery

How to Charge Sealed Lead Acid Batteries | Video

This video is very informative for those who wonder how to charge Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. We hope you find it informative. Don’t forget to check out our Battery Buying Guide or browse through our blog for more SLA battery information. If you can’t find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to call […]

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apc sua750

How to replace the battery in Smart-UPS SUA models (SUA750, SUA1000, SUA1500) | Video

The video below shows how to replace the battery in your APC Smart UPS SUA models. Hope it is useful. Batteries for Smart-UPS SUA models We offer a some quality replacement batteries that you can use with your existing cables and hardware and power your APC Smart UPS SUA model. Check them out here: SUA750 […]

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Dell UPS 500w

How to replace the batteries in Dell UPS 500w? | Video

Dell UPS 500w UPS Batteries The batteries in your Dell UPS 500w device are dead and you don’t want to spend too much money on the original replacement cartridge? You don’t have to! It is very easy to replace the batteries in your cartridge and save yourself a very decent sum. Check out the video […]

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Yamaha Vino 125

How to charge a Yamaha Vino 125 Battery? | Video

We hope this video will help you when you need to charge your Yamaha Vino 125 scooter. Enjoy the nice background music and have fun using your scooter! If charging won’t work for you you can order our Yamaha Vino 125 motorcycle battery.

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harley softail

Inspecting and Charging a Lead Acid Motorcycle Battery | Video

Check out this very informative and useful video on now to inspect and charge a maintenance free SLA motorcycle battery. The presenter does a great job explaining the process and pinpointing some very important details. After watching it you may want to head over to our motorcycle battery section and browse through our replacement batteries […]

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Razor E200 electric-scooter

How to replace my Razor E200 batteries | Video

Summer is drawing nearer and you might want to start buzzing around with your trusty Razor E200 Scooter. Check out this helpful video on how to replace your Razor E200 Batteries so you can have your fun. For replacement batteries you can order our Razor E200 Scooter Battery Set.

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Peg Perego John Deere

Changing the Battery on a Power Wheels or Peg Perego Toy Car | Video

You bought a Power Wheels or Peg Perego toy car for your kid’s birthday? That’s great – you are a good parent. But now some time has passed and the toy needs a new battery. The original Power Wheels or Peg Perego batteries can be very expensive. If you would like to save a considerable […]

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LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

How to Replace Your Garage Door Battery? | Video

LiftMaster or Linear Garage Door Battery replacement If you have a LiftMaster or Linear Garage door opener and you need to replace your battery then this short and informative video tutorial on replacing your garage door battery might be very useful to you. A popular choice when replacing a garage door battery is our 12 […]

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Harley Davidson motorcycle

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Seat Removal & Battery Check | Video

Making sure that the battery in your Harley Davidson motorcycle is still good before going on the road is vital. Check out this video demonstrating how to remove the seat on your Harley and how to check your battery. If your battery needs replacement you can check our Harley Davidson motorcycle batteries!

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