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Autumn offer – Power sport battery – SigmasTek STX14-BS Battery

    If you have the chance to live in the South, the summer is still here for you. If not, you can take the most of the motorcycle season – enjoy an autumn ride! Now you can take advantage of our offer by the end of October. Get a brand new replacement battery for the […]

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Power sports Batteries – SigmasTek STX7A-BS Battery

    For all Motorcycle and ATV lovers – here is an easy way to find the right replacement battery for your vehicle – If you find your machine in the following table, the right battery for you is our top model Power sport battery SigmasTek STX7A-BS. It’s a high quality replacement for many popular […]

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Power sports Batteries – SigmasTek STX12-BS Battery

  The burning summer heats are over and the winter is yet to come. What a better time for motorcycling or riding an ATV? If your old battery is dead, now is the best time to get a new replacement battery for a very good price. Take advantage of our offers by the end of […]

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

We, from Batterysharks, appreciate your trust and want to thank you for it! Get 5% discount for ALL PURCHASES with coupon code: THANKU   The discount is valid for orders placed on November 26.

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