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Smart – UPS 1500 (SUA1500) Guide for easily Battery Replacement.

Every APC Uninterruptable – Power – Supply Application is designed for fast and easy battery replacement in a just few minutes time. If you have this APC model or other that contains Replacement Battery Cartridge – 7 (RBC7) this guide will help you change the batteries inside the unit. The installation of the replacement batteries […]

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UPS Batteries: What we should know when we need batteries for our UPSs?

It is a common fact that the battery in a UPS is the most vulnerable part of the system. In fact, battery failure is the leading cause of load loss. Being aware of how to efficiently maintain UPS batteries will result in extending their service life and minimize any future issues. Improvements in battery technology […]

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How To Install Replacement RBC32 Battery APC UPS Unit?

  APC UPS Application Units are famous with their fast and easy Replacement Battery Cartridges. If you’re an owner of APC UPS unit that is using Replacement Battery Cartridge – 32 this article will help you to change the old batteries. The installation of the replacement batteries requires no technical skills or background. If you […]

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How to Charge Your Motorcycle Battery Properly?

Motorcycle Battery properly charging is essential for the long life of your battery. Following the best charging practices is essential for the longevity of your motorcycle battery. There are a lot of different types of Motorcycle Batteries on the market but the main reason of premature battery death is common. Leaving the Motorcycle Battery in […]

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ATV drawing

Tips for ATV Tune Up

With the winter becoming a distant memory, your snowmobile will follow suit. With the departure of winter, people usually pack their snow mobiles away. The fun time when you got to pull over the powder is now over. Don’t be hard done by it though, since it’s time to bring out the ATVs! The ATV […]

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Razor E200 electric-scooter

Battery Maintenance 101: How to Extend Battery Life of Razor Scooter Battery Pack?

Do you own a Razor scooter that needs frequent battery replacement? If so, you should know that you could extend the life of your scooter’s battery by following proper battery replacement and care. Most people report trouble in getting more than a year or two out of their razor scooter battery set. This is actually […]

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SLA Swelling

Battery Troubleshooting Guide 101: Why Do Lead Acid Battery Swell-Up?

Are you concerned about the swelling up of your lead acid battery? Then, you should continue reading as here, we will reveal to you why lead acid batteries swell-up and how to avoid the problem. Sealed lead acid batteries – both AGM and gelled electrolyte  can swell up and expand sometimes. This happens due to […]

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Electric Wheelchair

Selecting the Right Battery for Your Power Wheelchair

Battery powered wheelchairs have become a great tool to aid people with disabilities. George Klein invented the power wheelchair to assist WW II veterans who were unable to use manual wheel chairs. Today, however, it has become the vehicle of choice for those with limited mobility. The reason is that moving manual wheelchairs require much […]

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5 Factors to Consider When Buying Replacement Batteries

Buying replacement batteries is easy…so easy that it often results in buying the wrong type of battery. These days almost everyone knows where to buy a replacement battery – at Yet, that is all that they know. There are so many types of batteries available in the market that buying the right type of […]

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Corroded terminals

Battery Corrosion Causes & Their Effective Treatment

Battery terminals have a tendency to get corroded from time to time. Corroded battery terminals increase the resistance level, which results in a drop in voltage. This can cause various performance issues. A number of people think that this is caused due to faulty battery. They replace the battery when the only thing that needs […]

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