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Will Medical Devices of the Future be Battery Free?

Recent developments according to recently published medical science and technology journal are making it an increasing possibility to not use batteries in medical devices ever again. The study highlighted how nanogenerators have been implanted in different medical types of equipment instead of batteries. These devices that are polymer based take energy from the person’s beating […]

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Electric Car And Gasoline Car Concept. Hand Holding Gas Pump And

5 Items that have Replaced Gas Power with battery

What is the one thing that is making it switch from gas to electricity? Your answer would almost certainly be cars. While that is the most publicized one, cars aren’t the only items making this move. From power plants to lawnmowers, gas power is being replaced by battery-powered engines. Why is the Switch Taking Place? […]

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Get Ready to Recycle Your Batteries

What do you do when the batteries that you use are of no use? The last thing to do is putting them in trash and forgetting about them. Whether the battery is used in your remote, flashlight, car, child’s toy of power tool, you should realize that batteries take years to decompose. Once they do, […]

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New Technologies in Batteries

Developing new batteries that are longer lasting is hard work because there are no new elements being discovered. The earth can only give us so many elements. The first battery running on a dry cell was developed in the year 1866, and ever since that day, we have been trying tirelessly to improve it.   […]

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The Death Of the Car Battery and Lack of Battery Jump Starter

Only a few things in life can be as dreaded as turning on the ignition and getting to know that the car’s battery is dead. While no one would like such a scenario, it is one that is common and it is best to stay prepared for one. The best way to do that is […]

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Image of operational desktop computer

5 Household Devices You Can Backup during Power Failure with a Single UPS Unit!

  Desktop Computer and Monitor Has this ever happened to you? You are working on your computer and suddenly the power goes out. Your screen turns black, and you are sitting in the dark, wishing you had clicked Save more often, or recalling a time when you were on your laptop or tablet and the […]

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The number of batteries in every household

Average Household and the Number of Batteries

Most people are only aware of the importance and need of a battery when one of their device’s batteries dies and they are desperately scrambling to look for a replacement or a charger. Have you ever considered the importance of batteries in your everyday household? If you get to know the extent to which our […]

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sugar battery

Sweetness Redefined- Sugar Powered Batteries

Sugar is one of the most used everyday items, and there are lots of ways that sugar can be used in our daily life. The Scientists at Virginia tech though have found a way that is sure to surprise everyone. They believe sugar is able to power batteries and have already started the development of […]

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tesla battery gigafactory

Multibillion Dollar Battery Factory Coming up from Electric Car Makers

One of the pioneers of electric car manufacturing, Tesla Motors Inc., only recently announced plans to build a new $5 billion factory for the production of batteries. This factory they hope will power their range of zero emissions electric mobiles for the next decade. What surprised local politicians and workers was the fact that Tesla […]

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Thermal Runaway

A Low Down on Thermal Runways

Thermal runways exist more often in lead acid batteries that are valve regulated, also known as VRLA or Sealed. When the rate at which heat is expelled is dwarfed by the rate its internal generation, and the process continues for a long period, the temperature of the battery increases. This will continue until the cells […]

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