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How to use BatterySharks coupon codes?

At you can often find various coupon codes offering discounts and promotions. They can save you a considerable amount of your order and are very easy to obtain and use.

Where to find BatterySharks Coupon Codes?

To find about current coupon codes and other promotions you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest.  Additionally we publish such information in our blog under the Shark Updates section and even on homepage.

Important information

Please note that the Coupon codes generally have an expiration date and some restrictions may apply. For example at the moment there is an active coupon code – MOTO7, offering 7% discount of your order. The coupon code can be used only when you order batteries from the following categories:

  • Motorcycle Batteries
  • Snowmobile Batteries
  • ATV Batteries

The offer is valid for all orders placed by the end of March 2014. You can view this similar information by clicking on the image near the top left section just below the Home and About us tab on


Using the BatterySharks Coupon Code

Using the coupon code is very easy. After you add your desired product to the shopping card, proceed to checkout and enter your coupon code as shown below. Then click apply.

Coupon Code BatterySharks

If the coupon code is valid and there are no other restrictions you will see a certain amount deducted from the Grand Total. As you can see in this example we have added the Yuasa YIX30L-BS Replacement Battery to our cart and have entered our MOTO7. The battery can be found under the motorcycle section so it is eligible for discount with our coupon code. It is still march 2014 so the promotion is still active and we can save $5.81.

If you need more information regarding this subject please call our customer service department at 1 (800) 657-1303 or email us.

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