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Average Household and the Number of Batteries

The number of batteries in every householdMost people are only aware of the importance and need of a battery when one of their device’s batteries dies and they are desperately scrambling to look for a replacement or a charger. Have you ever considered the importance of batteries in your everyday household? If you get to know the extent to which our day to day life depended on batteries, you are likely to stop taking them for granted.

Every room in your house has a number of batteries in use. Here is a look at each room in your house and the number of batteries at work in each room.


Next time you go in to your kitchen, make sure you scan the place for battery powered appliances. Take a look at the wall and start with the clock, do you keep an emergency flashlight in your pantry? If you do, that takes the number of battery powered appliances to two. Is there a cordless phone in the kitchen, a smoke alarm to stay safe of any mishap? Both of these are battery powered appliances present in a common everyday kitchen.


Step into your child’s room and there is plethora of battery powered things lying around. From battery powered toys such as cars, trains, planes, etc. to talking and walking animals or even dolls. Add your teen’s MP3 players, DVD players to the toddler items and your child’s bedroom is full of battery powered items.

Move into your own bedroom and the picture isn’t as different either. Nicely placed on your side table is the alarm clock, an electronic book reader and most of all that watch that graces your wrist every day. Move ahead and move into the washroom and there is the electrically powered tooth brush and the electric shaver. One of the most obvious battery powered belongings that is to be found wherever you are is your mobile phone.

Family Room

The most obvious thing in the living room is the television, now the TV usually runs on electricity, and the remote that controls it is battery powered. In addition to the remote control, gaming consoles and controllers, laptops, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse and hand held gaming machines all work on batteries. Whether it is the pencil sharpener or the heat air conditioning controllers, each requires batteries to operate effectively.

Garage Room

Unless you have a pretty old fashioned garage, the only way to enter your garage is through the garage door opener that runs on a battery. Once inside, the center of attraction in a garage, your car, needs a batter to run. Whether they are leaf blowers or lawn movers stored away in your garage, all of them need batteries as does the electronic dog collar for your beloved pet.

What do think of the importance of batteries now? A household that has not more than merely a couple of people can have anywhere between 30 to 60 batteries powered household items for use.

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