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Amazing Battery Records

Do you know where the world’s largest battery is located? Do you have any idea about the world’s most powerful battery? Do you know about the world’s longest lasting battery?

If you are curious to know answer to the above questions, then just continue reading. Here we will illuminate you with amazing facts and records about batteries that you may never ever have heard before.


World’s Longest Lasting BatteryOxford Electric Bell is powered by the world longest lasting battery

The world’s longest lasting battery that has been running   continuously for 174 years powers the Oxford Electric Bell. The bell is powered by a dry pile (a form of battery) and is installed in the Clarendon Laboratory at the University of Oxford, England.

It was built by two famous instrument makers Watkin and Hill in 1840 and has been constantly chiming ever since.



World's most powerfull batteryWorld’s Most Powerful Battery

Golden Valley Electric Association Battery Energy Storage System in Alaska, USA is the most powerful battery in the world that is capable of discharging 46 megawatts for five minutes. The battery was built by Saft and ABB and became operational in 2003. The battery is designed to provide standby backup power to the residents of Alaska in case of interruptions in the main electric supply.


Potatoes can be batteriesWorld’s Most Powerful Potato Battery

The world’s most powerful potato battery was built in Germany in 2009. That battery consists of 1,000 potatoes, 1,000 copper nails, and 1,000 zinc nails. It produces around 538.1 volts making it one of the most powerful battery on earth. Now you know that potatoes can not only power your battery but also you.


nano batteryWorld’s Smallest Battery

A group of students at Rice University built the world’s smallest battery that is 60,000 times smaller than a standard AAA battery. The battery can provide a small amount of power that can be used in small electronic devices. Although at present, it has not been implemented into household products.


World’s Largest Battery

The largest battery in the world

BYD and the State Grid Corporation of China constructed the world’s largest battery. The battery is part of a energy storage station in China that is capable of generating about 140 megawatts using solar and wind power with storage capacity of about 36 megawatts.


World’s Oldest Battery

Bagdat Battery - the oldest battery in the world

Baghdad Battery holds the world record of being the oldest battery in the world. The battery is estimated to have been in circulation between 250 BC and 640 AD during the during the Parthian or Sassanid periods. It consists of 5-inch terra cotta pots with an iron rod encased in a copper cylinder. Although at present the battery is not used commercially today. The battery was probably discovered in 1936 in the village of Khuyut Rabbou’a, near Baghdad, Iraq.

World’s Fastest Battery Powered RC Car.

Red Schumacher Mi-3 is the world’s fastest battery powered Car. The car can accelerate up to 161.76 mph, which was recorded in the quarter mile at Rockingham Dragway in North Carolina. The battery powered car is much faster than most of the speed roadsters including Bugatti Veyron!

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So we have covered some interesting battery records, but do you know that the world’s oldest rechargeable battery type is the Lead Acid Battery. On you can find a wide variety of maintenance free Lead Acid batteries and replacements for some of the most popular models such as the CSB HR1234WUB12120 and CP1290 battery.


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