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7 FAQs to Demystify SLA Battery Chargers and Find the Right Charger for Your Battery

Charging SLA BatteriesSelecting the right type of battery charger is essential to ensure longevity of your sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. SLA battery chargers vary a great deal in terms of the type of batteries they can charge and battery charging duration. It is important to select the right battery charger to ensure optimal charging, efficiency, and protection of your SLA battery.

In order to choose the correct battery charger, you need to know the capacity, voltage and the type of SLA battery for which the charger is required. The charger must be fully compatible with the SLA battery. Here are some FAQs to guide you in finding the right SLA charger for your needs:


Q. How should I know the right type of charger to buy for my battery?

Ans. You need to first find out the type of sealed lead acid battery you will be charging before selecting a particular battery charger. You should determine whether you have a Gel Cell or AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery since Gel batteries require a specific type of charger.

Having determined the type of battery you have, the next step is to select the battery charger compatible with your battery. You need to work out the voltage rating of the charger required to charge the battery. For instance, a 6 or 12-volt battery will require a battery charger of the same voltage.

Apart from the voltage, you also need to know the amperage rating required to charge the battery. Generally, a battery charger ranges from 0.3 to 10 amp hours. You need to determine the maximum charge rate of the sealed lead acid battery, which is usually printed on the front or side of the battery. So, if the battery states that initial current should be less than 3.1 amps, a battery charger with amperage of 3.1 amps or less should be used with the battery.

Q. How should I determine the correct current rating of my battery charger?

Ans. You should choose a battery charger depending on the current required to completely charge the SLA battery. A battery charger with a high amperage rating charges the battery more quickly as compared to a battery charger with low amperage. If you are not concerned with the time it takes to charge the SLA battery, a battery charger with a lower amperage rating will suffice. The important thing to consider when buying battery charger is that the current rating of the charger should be higher than that required by the SLA battery.

Q. What are the steps required to charge my battery?

Ans. Charging the battery with your battery charger is simple. All you need to do is to connect the battery charger connector to the battery with the right polarity. You may need to read your battery manufacturer’s instructions to determine the correct polarity of your battery. But generally, a plus sign or a red marking on the battery indicates positive polarity while a black marking or a negative sign indicates a negative polarity. Make sure that you connect the battery charger connector with the right polarity or else, it may damage your battery.

Q. Do all battery chargers have an indicator to determine when the charging is complete?

Ans. No, not all battery chargers come with a status indicator. You need to consult the battery charger manual to determine how to know when charging is completed. A number of battery chargers include a special sensor that automatically shuts the battery charger once the charging is complete. This provides protection against overcharging your battery.

You need to choose a high quality battery charger that is fully compatible with your battery to protect it from incorrect charging. The power rating of the battery charger should be enough to fully charge the battery.

Q. What are some of the benefits of buying a high quality SLA battery charger?

Ans. Buying a high quality SLA battery charger ensure efficient charging of your battery. Quality battery chargers come with overcharge and overheat protection. When you invest in a good quality battery charger, you ensure maximum protection and longevity of your battery device.

Apart from purchasing a good quality battery charger, you must also ensure that it is compatible with the SLA battery. You have to determine the required amperage and voltage of the battery charger to safely charge the battery.

Q. How long does it take to fully charge the sealed lead acid battery?

Ans. The time required to charge your SLA battery depends on the type and size of your battery. It can take anywhere from 2 to 24 hours to fully charge the battery. In order to calculate the time required to charge the battery, you need to divide the power rating of the SLA battery with that of the charger and then add extra 10% for the time required to top off the battery.

So, if your SLA battery is rated at 12 volt 7 amp hour (12V 7Ah) and you are using a 12V 1.8Ah charger, it will take around 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery once it becomes depleted.

Q. My SLA battery does not remain charged for long after charging with the battery charger. What may be the problem?

Ans. An old or worn out battery cannot hold charge for long after being charged. In addition, a low quality or defective charger may also result in abnormal charging of the battery. A faulty SLA battery or charger can result in overheating or battery failure that can be dangerous. You need to get both your SLA battery and the battery charger, checked by a qualified personnel to know the cause of the problem.


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