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Why we list 7.5ah as a replacement for 9ah batteries?

This is a very common question that we receive. A lot of our customers wonder why we often offer two replacement versions of one and the same model of batteries. For example we offer a BP8-12 replacement battery in two versions – 7.5 AH and 9 AH. We do the same for Leoch Battery LP12-9, Ritar RT1290-F2 and more.

What is the difference between the two versions?

To put it simply both versions will fit in your application and will work fine. As the dimensions of the 12 Volt 9 AH battery and the 12 Volt 7.5 AH battery are exactly the same, they are interchangeable.

Amp-Hours basically show how much energy a battery holds. As long as the battery you want to replace has the same voltage and dimensions it is okay to substitute it with a different AH replacement. Keep in mind that in most cases as the AH rating goes up so does the size of the battery!

In conclusion it is all a matter of your preference. If you would like to save some money you can buy the 7.5 AH version, but if you don’t mind paying a little more for the 9 AH version you will receive a higher capacity battery, which can offer you a longer runtime.

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