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5 Items that have Replaced Gas Power with battery

What is the one thing that is making it switch from gas to electricity? Your answer would almost certainly be cars. While that is the most publicized one, cars aren’t the only items making this move. From power plants to lawnmowers, gas power is being replaced by battery-powered engines.

Why is the Switch TakElectric Car And Gasoline Car Concept. Hand Holding Gas Pump Anding Place?

The primary reason for this shift is because batteries and electricity represent a better power solution for a host of items over combustion engines. Electrical energy gives the same levels of power to the device only making them quieter and more efficient with lower heat dissipation.
Another reason for the switch from gas to battery is their availability. The ability to plug in and charge a car any time you want is easier than having to dash across to a gas station for fuel.
Items Making the Switch to battery Power
Now that you know why items are being changed from gas power to battery power, here is a list of some of the battery powered items that have replaced their gas-powered counterparts.

•    Electric Leaf Blower

Gas powered leaf blowers were designed to suck in large amounts of air through its sides to first cool in the engine before coming out the front to blow the leafs away. This process was complex and resulted in large amounts of air resistance, etc.
Electrical leaf blowers don’t produce as much heat and hence can use the most efficient path for air travel which is straight form the back to the front, saving up on energy along the way.

•    A Battery Powered Lawn Trimmer

Most law trimmers seem to be bulky. Those powered on gas are especially heavy while electric lawn trimmers have less of mobility owing to their extension cord limitation. Lawn trimmers that wok on batteries however are often considerably lighter than the gas powered ones, while the battery makes it more mobile.

•    Electric Chainsaw

A gas powered Chainsaw is hard to start and may take up to several tries to fire up. Battery powered ones on the other hand tend to start on the first push of the button and their lithium ion batteries allow them to have a longer life.

•    Lawn Mowers

A lawn mower is a necessity for every home that has garden. The most common types of lawn mowers are gas powered but they are loud and dangerous to operate. Gas lawn mowers come with high maintenance costs and a falling reliability as they age. On the other hand, electric lawn mowers rise above these issues. Owing to their battery strength they can work well even in rugged, large lawns while being significantly safer and quieter to work with.

One of the largest users of gas is electricity producing plants. They have the same issues that other gas-powered machines have, only on a grander scale. Smart electricity companies are now scaling back on their power plants and instead using large batteries in their stead. This makes sure that the plants run continually and less energy is wasted.

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