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5 Household Devices You Can Backup during Power Failure with a Single UPS Unit!

 Powered desktop computer and monitor

Desktop Computer and Monitor

Has this ever happened to you? You are working on your computer and suddenly the power goes out. Your screen turns black, and you are sitting in the dark, wishing you had clicked Save more often, or recalling a time when you were on your laptop or tablet and the device continued to operate from its internal battery despite the power failure.You can achieve the same effect with your desktop computer by connecting it to a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) unit, giving you enough time to Save your work progress and provide an orderly Shutdown.

Internet router


What if the power goes out while you are working online? The eventual lost of data can be prevented by connecting your cable or DSL internet modem and router on a UPS, which would give you few more precious minutes online to save your work.

Red Telephone


Assuming your phone service is still active during the power outage, putting your landline (or cordless) phone unit on a UPS would give you few minutes to make some emergency calls. If you use VoIP phone (voice over IP telephone interface), you can put that on a UPS as well.

Vector image of a desk lamp


Putting your desk lamp on the UPS can provide emergency lighting in order to find a nearby battery-powered flashlight or another lighting source.

TV/VCR/Cable Box power connection scheme


You can save yourself the trouble of waiting hours to download your entire TV schedule, when power is restored, by connecting your cable TV box (or DVR,VCR,etc.) to a UPS unit.

CyberPower UPS unit.Front and Back sides

In Conclusion

The battery powered UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) protects your computer and other electronically sensitive devices from damage due to storms, power surges and outages or neighbours who like to tinker with circuit breakers.

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