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15 Battery Tips Everyone Should Know!

These tips will be of use to you IF:

  • You want to make sure your batteries last longer
  • Get the best value for your money
  • Know how to use and dispose of batteries safely
  • Learn some new things you can do with your batteries.


  1. DO NOT recharge non-rechargeable batteries since the result will be leakage.
  2. Buy batteries in bulk -there’s always a quantity discount. However, if you’re not planning on using them for the next months do NOT purchase them!
  3. Bigger batteries contain smaller batteries. For instance, a 9-volt battery container has 6 x AAA batteries inside.
  4. When phone-1503703_640you aren’t using the batteries make sure to store the in a dry, cool place to avoid battery corrosion. Taking this preventive measure will result in a longer battery life-cycle.
  5. Don’t store used batteries together in large groups if they’re not all dead and so could short-circuit.
  6. Do not forget to recycle battery’s packaging, too!
  7. Do not forget to consider the following factors prior to purchasing a battery: cost, environmental factors, duration, performance.
  8. The battery will last longer after each charge the higher the AH.
  9. Do not use ultra-fast chargers since it damages the battery!
  10. Smart chargers (trickle chargers) are the best ones for SLA Rechargeable batteries.
  11. It is best to wait for the batteries to warm to room temperature before using the batteries.
  12. Use devices with child-resistant locks to prevent kids from accessing the batteries.
  13. Don’t carry batteries in your pocket with other metal items. This includes keys, coins and other metal things than can short-circuit the battery or cause a leak.
  14. Dispose of batteries properly.
  15. You can mix brands if you need to.

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